BMW S 1000 R : The Best of Both Worlds

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The BMW S 1000 R supernaked blends cutting-edge sportsbike performance with a streetable package for daily riding in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Sportsbikes are undoubtedly the tip of the spear when it comes to motorcycle development – they have the most power, highly-developed running chassis, the latest electronics, and much more.

The thrill they can deliver is unparalleled, but daily living with one can be a challenge because of uncompromising ergonomics, excess heat, and the fact that a road is not a racetrack!

But if you’re looking for the top-flight sportsbike thrilsl packaged into a high-performance motorcycle that’s also excellent at the daily grind – even in Singapore – the BMW S 1000 R is what you want. 

Sportsbike DNA, Supernaked Body

The BMW S 1000 R debuted in 2014 as BMW’s supernaked motorcycle based on the now legendary S 1000 RR sportsbike. The latter is the motorcycle with which BMW Motorrad shocked the world, rocketing straight to the top of the class and winning countless races. 

As before, the 2021 BMW S 1000 R inherits all the things that make the BMW S 1000 RR superbike super: The newly-developed 999cc inline four-cylinder engine, the innovative Flex Frame with Full Floater Pro Kinematics swingarm, and BMW’s electronics package developed from racing, including the World Superbike Championship series. 

In 2014, the first BMW S 1000 R debuted – a supernaked channeling the performance of the RR into a powerhouse package ready for life on the street. With the new 2021 BMW S 1000 R, BMW Motorrad has refined the ‘single R’ package even further. 

Track Prowess Channeled For The Street 

Power is in the bike’s genes: The S 1000 R has a 999cc inline four cylinder unit derived from the S 1000 RR. This engine makes 165hp at 11,000rpm and 114Nm at 9,250rpm. The key here is not peak power, but torque and where it’s made. The first S 1000 R was certainly not slow, but the new one has more torque, everywhere. The result is that it’s capable of 0-200km/h in eight seconds – which is supercar beating performance. 

BMW has tuned the engine for eye-watering acceleration, but there’s another side to this that’s always been an S 1000 R hallmark: Usability. A broader torque curve means less work for the rider, especially when it comes to shifting gears. But even that’s not a chore with the Shift Asssistant Pro up-down quickshifter. That means almost no clutch work needed, until you stop.

Like the engine, the bike’s cutting-edge electronics package has been derived from the RR sportsbike, and it keeps you in control at all times. The bike’s riding modes – Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Dynamic Pro – truly enhance the flexible nature of the bike and its adaptability. Rainy, challenging conditions? Rain helps you with softened power delivery and maximum aids. Out for fun on a B-road or even the track? Dynamic Pro gives you total control, even showing you lean angle and other telemetry. 

Adding Lightness For More All-Round Prowess

When it comes to performance, weight reduction delivers oversized benefits: A lighter bike accelerates quicker, handles better, and is just easier to manage all around.  

Which is why BMW Motorrad made the S 1000 R the lightest motorcycle in the supernaked class. Where most of the competition weigh more than 200kg wet, the BMW S 1000 R is 198.7kg ready-to-go.

That’s down to the new 999cc engine which is five kilos lighter, and the Flexframe chassis which sheds another 1.3 kg. Riders can also take this weight loss further with the optional M Package* with M Carbon wheels – that reduces the weight down to a super-light 194kg, which is amongst the lightest in the supernaked class, even compared to competing limited-edition models. 

The S 1000 R makes the most of that with its chassis and new DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) which adjusts the suspension behaviour according to the riding mode, and that means it always has an answer for whatever the road brings. 

*M Package consists of: M Carbon wheels (extra charge), M lightweight battery, titanium sports silencer, M endurance chain, M Motorsport paint finish, M laptrigger unlock code, M sport seat, M fuel cap.

Powerful and Flexible On Almost Any Road

The BMW S 1000 R brings mega performance, but it’s also been designed from the outset as a bike capable of life in the city and at normal speeds too.

The S 1000 R’s pared-down design is a perfect example of the supernaked aesthetic: A minimal yet aggressive front end, more engine and mechanicals on display, but with enough aero-touches to help life at high speed. There’s also powerful touches on display, including the iconic M colours of light-blue, dark-blue, and dark red, and the aerodynamic tail section modelled closely on that of the S 1000 RR.

The new headlight unit features a bright LED daytime running light strip, and at night it brings extra visibility and safety with its adaptive turning light function. 

The new frame and engine allow a narrower body, which pays dividends in rider comfort, control, and overall manuverability. A relaxed rider triangle spells for a sporty, but not uncomfortable position. The bike’s handlebars can even be changed to suit your preferences thanks to adjustable handlebar clamps. 

The technology drawn from the RR also make the S 1000 R a joy to ride on the street. The swingarm has been moved lower and further away, so there’s no hot exhaust to roast your legs at a standstill.

The broad torque curve makes for an easier time of it when you’re taking it slow, while the DDC suspension soaks up bumps for more comfort. The revised drivetrain also includes more efficiency and higher overdrive range on the gearbox, and as a result the bike can hit almost 270km on a single tank. 

Lastly, the electronic package includes dynamic traction control and ABS Pro, both of which work with the six-axis IMU to deliver not just performance, but safety as well, no matter the speed. 

Want the best of both worlds?

To experience all that the BMW S 1000 R has to offer, the best way is to test ride it yourself – do that by booking a test ride with BMW Motorrad Singapore now.


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