Why Singaporean families love VW's MPVs

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Get into one of Volkswagen’s seven-seater MPVs like the Touran and Sharan, and you’ll immediately understand why Singaporean families that own one love every trip in them


Kids driving you round the bend? Need more space in the car for a large family? Tired of the constant battle of climbing over a pair of child seats on the rear bench to get to the little middle seat? Those problems are nothing that a well-sorted MPV can’t handle, and there’s two from the Volkswagen lineup that suits any driver shopping for a practical, agile, and dependable seven-seater.

Volkswagen’s Touran is a practical and manageable small MPV

Families that usually need room for just five, with the occasional space for seven in a car, will find the Volkswagen Touran a spacious and cheery drive.

For drivers that drive with a full car-load of six or seven occupants most of the time, the Volkswagen Sharan large MPV is the car to drive home, with its equally spacious second and third rows.  

The large Volkswagen Sharan is an MPV that takes up to seven in total comfort

Here’s a really cool thing: both the Sharan and Touran are fitted with a pair of integrated child booster seats in the second row, designed to fit children weighing between 15kg to 36kg. If you’re already a parent then you’ll know the deal: you will never have to buy a separate child seat once your kids reach four years of age.

The Right Engine for the Right Size

These days, fuel economy with minimal compromise in driving dynamics is the name of the game when it comes to family cars, and having the right-sized engine for the appropriately sized car is vitally important for long-term driveability. 

The turbocharged 1.4-litre TSI engine gives the Touran plenty of power

The smaller Touran uses Volkswagen’s economical but punchy turbocharged 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine. With a maximum torque output of 250Nm from low in the rev range and a maximum power output of 150 horsepower, the engine drives the car’s front wheels through Volkswagen’s quick-shifting seven-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG). It has enough power to launch the Touran to 100km/h in 8.9 seconds, while returning an impressive fuel economy of 5.8L/100km.

The Volkswagen Sharan uses the turbocharged 2.0-litre TSI engine shared with the VW Golf GTI

The large Sharan gets the heart of a true sports car, with the turbocharged 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine taken straight from the legendary Volkswagen Golf GTI. With help from 220 horsepower through a robust six-speed DSG, the front-wheel drive MPV rockets from a standstill to 100km/h in just 7.8 seconds, which is even quicker than many other small and medium sedans. The officially rated fuel economy is 7.5L/100km.

The MPV is the King of Space 

The VW Sharan features heaps of interior space and lots of legroom for all occupants.

While crossover SUVs may be something of a current automotive trend, this pair of practical Volkswagen MPVs show why this class of car is the most comfortable way of transporting a family around in comfort.

Both the Touran and Sharan feature a pair of easily deployed integrated child booster seats in the second row. The Touran’s interior is pictured here

Both the Touran and Sharan feature second row seats that have child boosters built directly into the seats in the two chairs by the doors. The only part you’ll need to swap out is the adult’s headrest for the included child’s head and shoulder restraint. The seat cushion elevates and clicks into place for an immediate booster transformation.

Never bother with a separately fitted booster seat again!

Not only does this eliminate the need for the fitting of cumbersome aftermarket child seats, it also allows for the ad-hoc ferrying of up to two children anytime in complete safety, without requiring additional child-specific safety equipment.

The adjustable tray tables are useful for both children and adults

Fold out tables and storage boxes fitted to the ceiling allow you to carry all sorts of knick-knacks that are necessary for entertaining kids, and the airplane-style fold-out tray tables gives you immediate access to a surface for doodling. 

Storage boxes fold out of the ceiling of the VW Touran for easy access to anything you may need to stash away

Both cars feature highly adjustable second row seats for maximum versatility and comfort. If the third row of the Touran is not in use, the second row’s three individual seats can slide back for first class levels of legroom.

Three climate zones allow for optimal comfort for all passengers in the VW Sharan and Touran

Three individual climate control zones in both MPVs allow passengers to set their desired temperatures for comfort throughout the whole interior. 

The VW Sharan features a massive, configurable interior

The Sharan is perfect for drivers that also need to carry large loads, as with all the seats folded flat, it can carry up to 2,297 litres of luggage. It also features an Easy Open boot that opens by swiping your foot under the rear bumper.  

The VW Sharan’s large, panoramic sunroof lends an airy feel to the cabin

The Sharan’s panoramic sunroof is always a delight, immediately bringing a bright cheer to the interior. The glass roof is also available as an option on the Touran.

Safety for the Family

Seven airbags and a suite of active safety features help to keep you and your passengers safely on track. While both cars feature integrated reverse cameras for easy parking, the larger Sharan gets extra help from Volkswagen’s Park Assist. This high tech feature will automatically steer the car into a parking space for you, and all the driver needs to do is to operate the accelerator and brakes as needed. 

The VW Sharan features Park Assist to help you into the tightest parking spots

Active safety on the move in the Touran comes in the form of Front and Side Assist, which can detect the possibility of an imminent frontal collision and sound a warning tone in time for you to react, as well as monitor the car’s sides and blind spots while on the move. This blind spot monitoring system will alert the driver to other vehicles at the side and possibly out of sight of the mirrors with a warning light, which flashes rapidly if you attempt to change lanes into the path of another vehicle that you can’t see. 

The VW Touran is equipped with Front and Side Assist active safety systems

Ride in Style

The VW Touran R-Line gets a sporty bodykit and a set of up-rated wheels

Forget about staid designs. The Volkswagen Touran can be bought with the R-Line equipment package bringing sporty credentials and adding a dash of style and excitement to your everyday life. R-Line badging, a sportier front bumper and a set of 

The Sharan’s curvaceous design is accentuated with its sliding rear doors for easy access to all seats in the second and third rows.

The VW Sharan’s sleek curves give it a very aerodynamic look

Both cars feature expansive windows that are always a big hit with kids as they can see the world go by with the panoramic views out of the car. When the day gets too bright, integral roll-up sun shades can be pulled up for passenger comfort and privacy. 

The VW Sharan is spacious from every seat

Starting from S$164,900 with COE for the Touran and S$174,900 with COE for the Sharan, this pair of German MPVs offer convenience and comfort for the entire family while still delivering a fun driving experience for the designated driver. Check them out at to learn more. 


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