2022 Audi Q3 1.5 Review: Long Walk On The Mild Side

Derryn Wong
2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - frontal view 3/4 low

Audi’s small SUV, the Q3, is updated with a 1.5-litre mild hybrid system and remains a solid choice for upper-crust soft-roading in Singapore

2022 Audi Q3 1.5

Launched: November 2022 – Price: S$253,000 with VES and CAT B COE
Five-door, small luxury SUV, five seats
150hp, 1.5-litre mild hybrid, VES B, 6.9L/100km

Good efficiency from updated drivetrain
Upscale digitalised interior
Practical seating, large cargo area

Touch-only infotainment interface
Basic active safety systems only


The Audi Q3 now has a mild hybrid drivetrain, but just what sort of fuel efficiency can you expect from it in Singapore?

The CarBuyer Team went the literal distance with it before: In November ‘22, they drove 1,700km to Hat Yai and back, taking part in Audi’s fuel efficiency challenge. They clocked 5.4L/100km in the Q3.

Audi Fuel Efficiency Challenge 2022 - 2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore -  on the road malaysia
The very same Q3 on the road to Thailand – it clocked 5.4L/100km with three adults and luggage

But of course, that was a long run on the highway which means impressive-sounding scores which usually won’t translate to an accurate in-Singapore experience, which is why we’ve driven the car back on Singapore’s roads, with its creeping urban traffic. 

To bring you up to speed on history, the Q3 is Audi’s small SUV, a rival to the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. We first tested the new second-gen model in 2019 with a 1.5-litre engine in Germany. But when it landed here, the first years saw the Q3 make do with the older 1.4-litre engine.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - front view grille lights

With this update, it’s mildly electrified. The Q3 gets the same mild-hybrid drivetrain that we first saw in the Audi A3 hatch/sedan, namely a 1.5-litre turbocharged inline four, with a tiny motor and equally tiny battery pack. This fact is TBC by Audi, but if it’s the exact same drivetrain as the A3, that means the 12hp electric motor only adds its power to the main engine’s, or occasionally during coasting at high-speed/low load situations.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - rear view urban background taillights

At the wheel though, the power output remains the same as the 1.4 – 150hp – so the user experience really doesn’t change much except for the range/efficiency factor. The official figures are no help, since the world has switched to WLTP reporting for efficiency since 2019,  which is why on paper alone the 1.4 appears to be more efficient than the 1.5 with its 6.0L/100km compared to the 1.5’s 6.9L/100km. 

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - rear of car

In Singapore, we covered 350km over a few days, and the Q3 1.5 delivered 7.6L/100km, which translates to nearly 800km on its large 60-litre tank. Quite stupidly, we didn’t record our fuel efficiency with the 1.4-litre back in 2019, but at the very least the current Q3 stacks up well against its prime competitor – the third-gen BMW X1 as reviewed here – in fuel-sipping terms. Caveats: We used the regular drive mode, so we expect with careful driving and the ‘Efficiency’ mode, you could squeeze out more miles. Also, it was raining the entire time during our test drive, and cooler conditions can contribute to improved mileage.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore -  behind the wheel
Polariser cancelled out the screens – they’re not really that dark!

All that aside, the new 1.5 has a more obvious diesel-like clatter, but otherwise the Q3 experience is largely unchanged. Despite identical power, and the same gearbox, the 0-100km/h time is a little slower than the 1.4, going from 8.9-seconds to 9.4-seconds. From behind the wheel, you probably can’t tell the difference, and the important thing is that the Q3 is still much peppier than an equivalently-sized East Asian car.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - 1.5 litre engine mild hybrid

What we said about the car’s dynamics in 2019 still holds true: “The handling is excellent, it doesn’t urge you to carve corners, but never feels like it comes up short…There is a little of the SUV-judder, where the suspension feels slightly stiff. It’s the only major point of contention in an otherwise comfortable, easy-to-manage driving experience.”

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - rear seats
Rear seats split fold and are movable front and back

Inside is the same simple, clean cockpit and dual display screens, a spacious passenger and cargo section with adjustable second-row seats and lots of luggage space (530-litres). The Q3 comes with a decent haul of equipment, such as dual-zone AC, Audi’s full-featured MMI Touch system is also nearly identical to that on the bigger Audis, and it’s simple enough to use, though its dark theme means fingerprints are very obvious.

Overall it remains a very solid choice. We listed the Q3 as one of the best luxury SUVs here in 2019, and the more efficient drivetrain only builds on that.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - Q3 cockpit

In German terms, the competition has heated up though. The Q3’s biggest rival has to be the new third-gen X1, which is now better in every respect, and with more of that all-important road presence too.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - active safety systems

Active safety systems are present, including AEB and lane departure warning, but we would have liked to see more alphabet nannies, like adaptive cruise and rear cross traffic alerts. There is a 360 view parking camera, which isn’t a given in the small luxury SUV segment.

For competing cars, BMW’s aforementioned X1 just landed and has the most attention on it now. Alternatively, Mercedes-Benz’s GLA is the only car in the lux SUV segment with a Cat A model, in the form of the cheaper GLA 180, though the Q3 equivalent GLA 200 is more expensive. It is, however, less spacious.

2022 Audi Q3 1.5 mild hybrid review - CarBuyer Singapore - dashboard log ambient light

It might not be an Upper Class German, but Volkswagen’s Tiguan 2.0 is quite a bit less expensive, at just over S$200k, and no less capable than either car. And to talk of 2.0’s, with COEs at this level, if you want more power, it’s really not that far off :  The 2.0-litre all-wheel drive Q3 (see our review of the Sportback version here) is just S$7k+ more than the 1.5, with 190hp and a lot more drivability, though at the cost of fuel efficiency.

It’s a result of Singapore’s own car price ‘distortions’ and controls of course, but against that sort of price scaling, it makes less sense to buy the efficient and solid 1.5. When COE prices become a little more tame, the 1.5 should come into its own, but for now it’s ironic that a green-minded driver needs to fight against economics to save money. 

2023 Audi Q3 1.5 

Drivetrain type Petrol-electric mild hybrid 
Engine 1,498cc, inline 4, turbocharged
Power150hp at 5700rpm
Torque250Nm at 1500-3500rpm 
Gearbox7-speed dual-clutch
Electric Motor12hp/50Nm
BatteryLithium Ion, Unknown kWh
System PowerNot stated 
System Torque Not stated
0-100km/h9.3 seconds
Top Speed206km/h
Fuel Efficiency6.9 L/100km 
VES Band B / Neutral
AgentPremium Motors 
PriceS$253,444 with COE and VES
Availability Now
Verdict One of the stand-out small SUVs in the luxury segment, now more efficient 


1.5 5 door 5 seat Audi luxury mild hybrid Q3 small SUV

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