CarBuyer’s Guide to Road Tax in Singapore

Ben Chia

Road tax is a requirement if you want to drive your car on the roads in Singapore. Here’s our handy guide on what you need to know


What is Road Tax?

As the name suggests, road tax is a tax you pay for using the roads. In Singapore, road tax is chargeable for any motorised vehicle that is registered to be driven on public roads (so bicycles, tricycles and roller skates are exempted). One can technically own a car in Singapore without having to pay road tax, but that would pretty much render it a very expensive showpiece.

How much is road tax in Singapore?

Road tax in Singapore is calculated using a complex formula based on the size and type of the vehicle and its propulsion system

The actual formula for calculating road tax in Singapore is somewhat complex, but in general it is based on the type of vehicle (whether it is a car, motorcycle, truck etc) and the size and type of the vehicle’s propulsion system. 

Broadly speaking, for internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, road tax is calculated using a formula based on the car’s engine capacity, with diesel-powered cars getting hit with an additional special tax depending on their emission standard.

Electric cars, like the Tesla Model 3, uses a different calculation formula for their road tax in Singapore

For electric cars, road tax is based on the car’s electric motor power rating, measured in kilowatts (kW), with an Additional Flat Component (AFC) levied starting from 2021, ostensibly as a counter to the fact that electric cars do not pay fuel excise duties. 

For hybrid cars, the LTA will calculate the road tax based on both the engine capacity, as well as the electric motor’s power rating. The payable amount will be the higher of the two.

Vehicles older than 10 years in age also get hit with an additional surcharge on top of the regular tax rate, as illustrated by the table below:

Age of vehicleAnnual road tax surcharge
More than 10 years old10% of road tax
More than 11 years old20% of road tax
More than 12 years old30% of road tax
More than 13 years old40% of road tax
More than 14 years old50% of road tax

To further complicate things however, there are additional rebates or surcharges based on various things, such as whether your car is registered as an Off Peak Car, or any other policy adjustments designed to encourage or discourage the use of certain types of vehicles. You can find out more about the taxation structure on the LTA’s website here.

Handily, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has a useful tool, via their OneMotoring portal, to help you calculate how much road tax is payable, either through the vehicle’s exact registration number, or based on the vehicle’s engine capacity and age.

How long is road tax valid for?

In Singapore, you can pay your road tax for either six or twelve months. Generally, road tax is calculated on an annual (12 months) basis, so if you opt to pay for a six-monthly road tax, that rate is simply halved.

When do I renew my road tax?

This is a road tax disc. It is no longer required to be displayed as of 2017

If your car is due for inspection, you will receive an inspection notice three months ahead of the due date. This is the earliest time that you can renew your road tax before expiry.

One month before it expires, you will receive another renewal reminder. Before you proceed with renewing your road tax however, you have to ensure that you have insurance coverage for your vehicle that covers the period of your renewed road tax, have cleared any outstanding traffic fines incurred, and that your vehicle has passed the required inspection, if necessary.

Make sure that you pay your road tax well before the expiry date, as late renewal fees are chargeable after the deadline. It is also an offence to drive your vehicle on public roads if your road tax has expired. Vehicles in Singapore were supposed to display their valid road tax disc on their windscreens, but this requirement was removed as of 2017.

How do I renew my road tax?

You can renew your road tax online, via LTA’s OneMotoring portal

As with many things nowadays, road tax payment is now mostly done online. You can simply head over to OneMotoring to pay your road tax dues using internet banking or a debit/credit card. You can also pay your road tax at AXS Stations or SAM kiosks, again using either a debit/credit card, or via NETS.

If all that sounds like a hassle to you, then you can also set up a GIRO bank deduction. Fill in the GIRO application form and mail it to the LTA at least a month before your road tax expiry date, and once approved, the amount will be deducted from your bank account automatically come renewal time, provided all prerequisites are met.

Finally, you can also renew your road tax the old school way, in person, at designated road tax collection centres. They include most inspection centres, which makes it convenient to renew your road tax immediately after your vehicle has passed its inspection. But other places where you can pay your road tax are the Automobile Association (AA) and selected car dealerships.


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