Tesla Model Y makes its official debut in Singapore

Derryn Wong
2022 Tesla Model Y launch - CarBuyer Singapore  - Model Y Performance Dual Motor

Tesla officially took the covers off its midsize SUV, the Model Y, in Singapore, with prices starting from S$142,471 without COE, deliveries start August 2022

Updated July 28, 2022 – Horsepower figures corrected. Previous figures incorrect due to miscommunication from Tesla.
Updated July 13, 2022 – Battery capacity, power output, charging times, FSD availability

Check out our first driving impressions of the Model Y in Singapore!


Tesla’s midsized electric SUV, the Model Y, has been officially unveiled in Singapore, with the American electric car brand debuting it at Orchard Ion today.

It’s available in two models: The base rear-wheel drive (RWD) version, and the all-wheel drive Performance Dual Motor version. Currently, only the five-seat model is available for Singapore.

Want to check it out for yourself? The cars will be on display at Ion Orchard’s Level 1 Atrium (same level/vicinity of Dior and Salvatore Ferragamo) daily from 10am to 10pm on July 13th to 24th.

Prices for the Model Y were announced in June, as also reported by us back then, but since then prices have increased slightly (S$200) for the machines alone – and that’s not counting the insane COE prices we’re currently experiencing.

2022 Tesla Model Y launch - CarBuyer Singapore  - Model Y Performance Dual Motor - top down view roof

Prices are S$142,471 and S$190,195 without COE but inclusive of VES and EEAI incentives, respectively. At current record-breaking COE prices for July, that would mean inclusive of COE the Model Y RWD costs around S$255k, and the Performance model S$298k. Both cars receive the highest VES rating of A1 (S$25,000 rebate).

2022 Tesla Model Y launch - CarBuyer Singapore  - Model Y Performance Dual Motor - white car frontal 3/4 shot low
Model Y Performance Dual Motor

If you order now, Tesla says you can expect deliveries relatively soon – in August.

As detailed in our first story on the car’s pricing, the two models have very similar equipment loadouts:

  • The basic level of its active safety system, Autopilot, is included, which covers adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) lane keeping and following. As Tesla says it ‘Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.’
  • A panoramic glass roof.
  • 15-inch central touchscreen that controls all the car’s functions and displays driving data. Tesla’s infotainment system has navigation and music streaming and more (including pet mode, Sentry mode), though it does not include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
  • Dual wireless charging dock for smartphones
  • Tesla’s connectivity through its phone app which allows you to use your phone as a car key, monitor charging status, climate control, and GPS location.

Update: For S$5,800, you get the ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ feature which allows for ‘Navigation on Autopilot’, auto lane changing, and Summon (car drives to you). Tesla’s Full Self Driving software is now available to Singapore owners as an S$11,500 option which includes Enhanced Autopilot and access to upcoming features such as ‘Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control’ and ‘Autosteer on city streets’.

Safety disclaimer: CarBuyer has reported on Autopilot and FSD‘s safety issues in the USA. While software versions available there may be different from Singapore, we still advise caution overall because some aspects of FSD are not a finished product and essentially beta software.

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Model Y RWDModel Y Performance 
Dual Motor 
Horsepower/torque 320hp/430Nm513hp/670Nm
/0-100km/h6.9 seconds3.7 seconds 
Top Speed217km/h 250km/h
Battery capacity (gross)70kWh90Wh
Range  (WLTP)455km514km
Efficiency (LTA homologation)15.7kWh/100km17.3kWh/100km
Range (LTA homologation)478km520km
Price without COE, with VESS$142,471S$190,195
ERRATA: Tesla’s PR provided us with erroneous figures, and the corrected power output of the Model Y Performance is actually 377kW, or about 513hp, which is the same as the Model 3 Performance. We apologise for the error.

The Performance Model has an additional front motor and far more horsepower, and consequently is considerably faster in acceleration and top speed. It also has uprated brakes and lowered suspension. You can identify it by the larger 21-inch ‘Uberturbine’ wheels and ‘Dual Motor’ badge on the rear, as well as the spoiler on the bootlid.

Visually, the RWD model has 19-inch ‘Gemini’ wheels as standard, with 20-inch ‘Induction’ wheels as a S$3,000 upgrade, and no bootlid spoiler. But with around 300hp, it’s already plenty quick in a straight line and should be more than enough for normal Singapore drivers.

The Model Y has considerably more space than the Model 3 – it starts out with a cavernous 867-litres that expands to 2,158-litres (Tesla claims) with the seats folded down. We also sat in the rear and there was noticeably more headroom as well as shoulder room.

2022 Tesla Model Y launch - CarBuyer Singapore  - Model Y Performance Dual Motor - rear shot
Model Y Performance Dual Motor

Charging performance and time is identical to the Model 3, since all Tesla models here have the same 75kWh battery pack The Model Y has a 70kWh battery pack, and the Performance a larger 90kWh battery pack, but both have the same Supercharger-capable charging tech. At the maximum Supercharger 250kW rate, the Model Y (both variants) will go from 10 to 80 percent in ‘around 20 minutes’ says Tesla. ‘Regular’ 11kW AC charging will take approximately seven hours for a full charge for the RWD, and approximately seven to eight hours for the Performance.

The Model Y RWD has a ‘basic vehicle’ warranty of four years/80,000km, a battery and drive unit warranty of eight years and 160,000km. The Model Y Performance has the same basic vehicle warranty, and a drive unit warranty of eight years and 192,000km.

Stay tuned for a review of the Model Y on CarBuyer Singapore soon!


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