2024 BMW X2 sDrive16i M Sport Review: Big. Bold. Small. Heart

Clifford Chow

BMW’s second-gen X2 “Sports Activity Coupe” takes bold, where bold has never been before. But within, beats a small heart

2024 BMW X2 sDrive16i M Sport

Launched: 2024 – Price: 254,888
Five-door, Coupe-SUV, five seats
119hp 230Nm, 1.5L turbocharged inline-3, MHEV petrol
16.8km/l, VES B

MHEV tech contributes to better delivery
Very versatile

Rough 3-cylinder engine start-stop
Needs smaller rims

Photos & Text: Clifford Chow


The all-new BMW X2 is probably the wild child of the brand’s premium compact range. Having experienced the previous iteration, the comparison would be analogous to the old car being like Tabasco – more straightforward, while the new X2, like Cholula – deeper in flavour.

As it is a cross between an SUV and a coupe, the new X2’s styling can be polarising to some, but for those who love ’em’ thick, the boxy-muscular rear haunches do justice in complementing the X2’s extroverted front-end.

Now if you are still thinking that the X2 is merely an X1 by extension, you are not too far-off, but for more coin, you do get a premium compact that echoes BMW X6 in spirit, while having the fuel efficiency of an econobox c-segment SUV.

So while the X2 seems a little more unhinged on the outside, once you are in the car, things seem a little calmer… a little more familiar. For one, it does share plenty in-common with its earlier-mentioned Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) sibling… which in-turn shares its dash with the 2 Series Active Tourer. But if you do have a sharp eye, you’d also know that it takes inspiration from the all-electric iX.

Rather interestingly, with the introduction of this X2, the infotainment system is now powered by BMW’s new Operating System 9; as according to Clifford’s timeline, the Operating System 8 still feels like a recent development. This is housed in a curved display, alongside a 10.25-inch digital driver’s display. The OS 9 is very similar to the one it replaces, which means that it is easy to navigate, but there is that list of widgets you might need to get used to digging through first.

At the rear, and you would find that the sloping roof does compromise on some valuable headroom. For those who are of average height, there is just enough for you to not duck when you are seated; this is all thanks to some cut-outs in the roof lining. But if you are the (unlucky) passenger in the middle, then you are probably not going to bear anything more than a half-hour journey.

The X2’s boot at 515-litres is actually surprisingly large, and a significant improvement over the previous car. For comparison, the X1’s boot is just 25-litres larger, and its form factor rival, the Audi Q3 Sportback makes do with 350-litres. Additionally, there is also a deep space under the boot floor for even more cargo-carrying versatility. For added loading space, the 40:20:40 rear seats can be folded (though not flat), revealing up to 1,470-litres. To give you a scale of how big the X2 has become, the larger X4’s boot is a relatively close 525-litres, and the X3 sibling, 550-litres.

On the road, the premium BMW coupe-suv is quite the mixed bag. On one hand, once it is brought up to speed, it cruises almost with the smoothness of a bowling ball sliding down a well-oiled alley. But on the other hand, that 3-cylinder turbocharged 1.5-litre mild-hybrid powertrain does show its rough side, usually during start-stop situations. This is where it jolts rather violently whenever it restarts.

With its MHEV architecture, the X2 does allow you some degree of coasting, however, it does not “freewheel” like how the Audi Q3 does; which would mean that you’d likely be back on the throttle before the Audi in the same coasting situation.

While I take issue with the engine’s shortcomings, the X2 does make up for its lack of refinement with some decent handling… some… It does sit well in a corner, but given its height, it does not like multiple directional changes. To compound matters, the 20-inch M light-alloy wheels, which BMW here specced as standard equipment, firms the ride more than I would like. I would rather that BMW stuck with the 19-inch setup, so that there would be simply more sidewall… which translates to more ride comfort.

I would say that the X2’s fuel efficiency figures are quite spot-on. BMW’s official numbers stand at a combined 14.7km/l, which is identical to my 14.6km/l figure.

BMW has definitely made efforts to make the X2 more attractive to buyers here. This is because Singapore is the only market which has a 16i-badged car; simply so that the X2 fits into the Category A COE mould. But regardless, the $254,888* price tag, makes BMW’s X2 SAC a very expensive way to buy a badge.

*Correct at time of publication

BMW X2 sDrive16i M Sport

Drivetrain type Petrol engine, Mild Hybrid
Engine1,499cc, inline 3, turbocharged 
Power119hp at 4400-6500rpm
Torque230Nm at 1500-4000rpm
Gearbox7-speed dual-clutch
0-100km/h10.5 seconds 
Top Speed197km/h
Fuel Efficiency6.8L/100km
VES Band B / Neutral 
AgentPerformance Motors Limited / Eurokars Auto
PriceS$254,888 with COE and VES
Verdict Bold is beautiful here, but the 3-cylinder lacks refinement


5-door bmw BMW X2 mhev SAC Singapore SUV

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