New Cars SG 2021 Part 5: Toyota, VW, Volvo [UPDATED]

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Volkswagen Golf Mk8

All the models launching in Singapore in 2021 from Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo

UPDATED 3 September 2021
FIRST PUBLISHED 21 January 2021

Note: We’ve updated this list with additional links to the relevant stories and reviews of the cars that have been launched in Singapore so far

Here’s the final part of’s painstakingly-researched overview of every new, officially-imported car coming to Singapore in 2021.

If you missed the first four parts, they’re all linked below, but continue reading this story to find out why Toyota might have a popular powerhouse pair of SUVs on its hands in 2021, and how Volkswagen is debuting the entire line-up of Mark 8 Golfs, from basic to drift-able R, as well.

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Subaru XV

What: XV small SUV facelift
Variants: 2.0i-S Eyesight
When: Q1 2021
How much: TBA

Subaru’s XV crossover gets a small facelift for 2021, with a mild redesign that sees it receive a slightly revised front grille and bumper, as well as a new Plasma Yellow Pearl colour option.

Under the skin, the XV gets new driving modes, in the form of SI-Drive and Dual X-Mode. SI-Drive (which stands for Sport and Intelligent) offers a Sport mode that adjusts the engine’s response for a sharper, more dynamic drive, as well as an i-Mode that leans towards efficiency. Dual X-Mode meanwhile offers two different settings, snow/dirt and deep snow/mud, to aid traction in slippery conditions, although their actual usefulness in Singapore will probably be limited.

Subaru Outback

What: Outback midsize SUV
Variants: 2.5i Touring
When: Q2 2021
How much: TBA

UPDATE: Read our test drive of the latest Subaru Outback here

The Outback is essentially a raised, rugged version of the Legacy Wagon. But while the latest generation of the Legacy won’t be heading here (it is now exclusively built in left hand drive for the American market), the new Outback will be earmarked for a second quarter launch in Singapore in 2021.

The Outback is built on the Subaru Global Platform that now underpins nearly their entire line-up, including the Impreza, XV and Forester. Power comes from a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated engine that also sees service in the Forester, and the Outback promises to be more efficient than before. The interior has also been extensively updated, and it features a Volvo-style large vertical touchscreen on the centre console, as well as better quality materials throughout.

Subaru BRZ

What: BRZ coupe
Variants: TBC
When: Q4 2021
How much: TBA

Enthusiasts will be very much looking forward to the next-generation BRZ sports car that is scheduled to arrive here in the fourth quarter of 2021. Featuring more power and a lower centre of gravity, the new BRZ looks to build upon its reputation as one of the best handling cars available out there.

Power comes from a new 2.4-litre naturally aspirated engine that develops 228hp and 250Nm of torque, which is a 15 percent increase from the outgoing model. The torque also kicks in lower down in the rev range for a more responsive drive and improved acceleration.

The interior has also been revised, with a new digital instrument panel that puts the tachometer at the front and centre. An 8.0-inch touchscreen offers access to infotainment options, while Subaru’s Eyesight suite of driver assistance systems will be standard on cars equipped with the automatic transmission. A manual gearbox will remain available for those who want to row their own gears.


Toyota Harrier

What: Harrier midsize SUV
Variants: 2.0, 2.5 hybrid 
When: First half 2021
How much: Around S$150k with COE

UPDATE: We’ve driven the new Harrier in Singapore, and you can read our road test review here, or check out our video below

The amazing thing is that Toyota is launching not one, but two hybrid SUVs this year, and one of them is the new Harrier.

The car that’s replaced the Camry as the mid-large sized Toyota for those who don’t need seven-seats, the Harrier has been a great success for Toyota. Due in 2021 is an all-new fourth-gen model, whose debut we covered in August of 2020.

Toyota giveth, and Toyota taketh away. In Japan the Harrier has a 2.0-litre ‘Dynamic Force Engine’ with Direct Shift-CVT, as well as a 2.5-litre hybrid variant. Singapore will be receiving both in 2021 – our Harriers are made there – but we will sadly lose the Singapore-only 2.0-litre turbo variant which even grey importers didn’t have.

Like so many other models though, VES has increased the impetus for hybrids, and the hybrid Harrier will be here officially for the first time. It’s been quoted as capable of up to 4.5L/100km, a very impressive figure for a mid-large SUV like this. The Harrier will very likely pack Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), the suite of active safety features, and there’s also a cool Digital Inner Mirror which not only gives you a better rear view, but also functions as a dashcam (front and rear) on the move.

What: Yaris Cross small SUV
Variants: 1.5 hybrid 
When: Now
How much: From S$99,800 with COE

UPDATE: The Yaris Cross has had its official launch here in Singapore – we have all the details on specs and pricing here!

UPDATE 2: We’ve driven the Yaris Cross in Singapore, and here’s our full and extensive road test review, as well as our YouTube video review

Can you spell ‘popular car’? Just put ‘mainstream, small, hybrid, SUV’ together in a product. And if that product is a Toyota, you can be damn sure it’ll fly off the shelves. That’s exactly what the Yaris Cross looks like on paper.

First announced in April 2020, it’s based on the TNGA GA-B platform and much larger than the fourth-gen Yaris compact hatch (which isn’t coming here in normal form) with it, Toyota finally has a small SUV that’s not as divisive in appearance as the C-HR, and also is a hybrid. Squint and the car looks a bit like a baby Porsche Macan, tall stance but a coupe-like upper section with curvy headlights and light-bar style taillights.

Singapore gets the hybrid variant with the new ‘small car’ hybrid engine, a 1.5-litre inline three-cylinder with Atkinson cycle operation, and it’s already been homologated with 3.8L/100km fuel efficiency. More importantly, with 115hp it’s Cat A eligible, and also gets a S$15k VES rebate. There is a 1.5-litre non-hybrid version on sale in Australia, but it’s not going to be sold here. We guess that the VES rebate tips the price in favour of the hybrid, thanks to the greater rebates for cleaner cars in 2021.

Toyota GR Yaris

What: GR Yaris 
Variants: 1.6 turbo 
When: First half 2021
How much: Around S$180k with COE

UPDATE: The GR Yaris has arrived in Singapore, and here’s our verdict on this incredible rally-bred hot hatch

It’s 2021, did you ever think you’d hear the term ‘homologation special’? No, but Toyota has done just that with its GR Yaris – ‘GR’ stands for ‘Gazoo Racing’, its official motorsports/performance arm. This little monster is the road-going basis for Toyota’s WRC Yaris rally car, and uses a unique platform (combining the TNGA-C of the Corolla in the rear, with the new fourth-gen Yaris front) as the basis for a very cool and very desirable car.

A 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine (the most powerful production triple) is turbo-ed to 257hp, shoving that power through a six-speed manual gearbox and what Toyota claims is the lightest all-wheel drive system on the market. So on paper, it has everything it needs to be a minor hit and a future collector’s item. A crazy, manual-only, hot hatch homologation special in 2021? We almost can’t believe it but we’re damn happy the GR Yaris exists.

Toyota GR 86

What: GR 86
Variants: 2.4 turbo
When: Second half 2021
How much: TBA

UPDATE: Here’s all the details of the GR 86 in our news story

Yes, despite debuting in 2013 – a little over a lifetime ago for a car – the Toyota 86 is returning in 2021. Its brother, the new Subaru BR-Z, has already broken cover but nobody’s sure how the next version of Toyota’s super-low, handling-centric coupe is going to look. What’s sure for now is that the car will have an all-new platform and possibly a 2.4-litre turbocharged boxer engine sourced from Subaru. 

Page 2: VW is debuting how many Golfs this year?

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