2022 Klim Induction Jacket and Pants Review: Stratospheric

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Klim’s Induction mesh motorcycle jacket and pants provide serious airflow even in Singapore, with premium materials and comfort

Klim Induction Jacket

Mesh motorcycle adventure-style jacket
S$689 – Available from

Solid build quality, sturdy chassis
Top-notch ventilation 
Comfortable armour

Top-notch = top cost
Narrow cuffs don’t zip open
No pants connecting zip


“I don’t wear a jacket when riding here because it’s too uncomfortable/hot/bulky.”

That’s the oft-cited Trio of Inconvenience when it comes to riding in Singapore sans motorcycle gear, but American motorcycle gear manufacturer Klim has managed to nix, or at least severely reduce, the excuses with its Induction mesh jacket. 

Klim has become increasingly popular in the past decade, having built a reputation for high-end gear with technical features for adventure motorcycling. But it’s also recently expanded into more mainstream, street-focused offerings as well. 

Induction introduction 

One of its most popular product lines, both in Singapore and abroad, has been its Induction line, which began with the jacket introduced in 2014, followed by pants and gloves. This model is the new-gen version introduced in 2021, and now there’s also an Induction Pro jacket with heavier weight Cordura, and Level 2 shoulder and elbow protectors. 

The regular ‘non-Pro’ version tested here already feels plenty sturdy, though. Mesh jackets can range from lighter models with a chic cut (eg Rev’it Tracer Air) to tank-like half-leather ones meant for fast sport-riding (Dainese’s Super Rider or Rev’It Ignition). As a strongly-built textile/mesh jacket, the Induction fits somewhere in between the two poles, perhaps slightly more to the tank-like side of things, considering the material choice. 

One of the draws of the brand is its wide use of technical materials, and this is in full force here too. Klim’s ‘Karbonite’ mesh is claimed to be very strong but breathable. To the hand, it feels it, not like the cheaper, lighter mesh of less expensive jackets. Most of the jacket chassis is made of 500D Cordura, with stretch panels in key areas, and 3M reflectors. For a nerdy in-depth explanation of various fabric types, read here, but the takeaway is that Cordura is not often found as a chassis material in non-premium jackets. In quality terms, there’s nothing to fault as everything from the construction, to the materials, the feel of the zippers and adjusters, it all feels very well made.

The CarBuyer/MotoBuyer team tested the jacket in two countries, both at home in Singapore and on a media test ride in Italy. Editor Derryn, at 173cm and 65kg,  tested the XS size (hey it’s American sizing)  on the road in Singapore. Contributing Crack Rider Deyna Chia, 186cm and 76kg, took a size S, and tested both the jacket and pants in Singapore, as well as on- and off-road in Italy. 

Riding with the jacket

It dealt with Singapore’s often oppressive weather well, and provides very good ventilation thanks to large, open mesh panels on most of the torso area, as well as the undersides of the arms. While it ‘looks hot’, it’s far from it, and wearing this jacket will probably help prevent sunburn and keep you cooler/less dehydrated than if you weren’t : The non-mesh parts cover the upper arms and shoulders and keep off the sun.

Around town, the Induction again belies its looks – the D30 armour is CE Level 1 (less protective than Level 2) but very flexible and doesn’t get in your way while doing tricky manoeuvres.

We tested the Klim Induction outfit while astride Ducati’s brand new DesertX offroader!

In Italy, the Induction was worn in sweltering 36 degree dry heat. At low speeds, the superb airflow of the Induction Jacket left us cool.  When riding on mild offroad sections, the flexibility was good enough that it didn’t trip us up: the elbow armour allowing natural arm bends both standing, seated and prone. At speeds (up to 160km/h), there was minimal if any flapping, piloting both a naked bike, and adventure tourer.

We also tested it on the road in Italy, from behind the bars of the Ducati Streetfighter V2

The jacket resisted getting soaked even over a 20min period in rain and hail (yes, hail stones!), and dried out quickly in about the same time. We liked the high collar “round” neck of the jacket, which sat snugly, and kept our neck roll in place preventing it from lifting, and helping to avoid a sun-burnt neck. The D3O back protector was unintrusive, even when prone on the naked bike. 

Sizing and Fit 

Both riders found the fit to be more to the sit-up adventure touring style rather than sporty and crouched-over. The jacket’s lower hem is also quite long, especially compared to sporty, short jackets, so it does bunch up if you lean forward. 

But as mentioned, it’s flexible enough that it can span a range of riding styles. As above, there were no complaints about flexibility although the jacket feels sturdier than your average short mesh jacket. They both did find that the cuffs were narrow – you can’t tuck them over gloves, if needed, and a more open cuff design with zippers would have afforded more possibilities/comfort. Likewise a zipper for connecting to the pants to create a single outfit would have been good too.

It might look ready to take on the next apocalypse, but the Klim Induction belies its appearance with excellent comfort and very impressive ventilation. Cost aside, it gives Singaporean riders even fewer excuses not to wear a riding jacket. 

2022 Klim Induction Pants Review

The Induction Pants are – surprise surprise – very much like the Induction Jacket and almost everything we’ve said about them above can be translated to the trousers. They’re made
with the same premium materials and offer good comfort, lots of airflow when walking about, making these the amongst most airy vented pants we’ve ever used.

The D3O hip and knee armour was comfy, and didn’t cause any pressure points, even when seated in a sporty position. The two roomy pockets are cleverly positioned to the side of the thighs, so they don’t cause the contents to jam into your hip when seated.

To our surprise, the pants accommodated the pair of Pod K8 MX knee braces, and could be worn over enduro-style boots. The pants also feature a faux leather panel that coincides with the part where the rider would grip the tank, increasing grip and reducing wear.  Unlike the Jacket, the pants were soaked through during the downpour we experienced, and standing up did dry out the pants mostly, over the remaining hour we were on the saddle.

They’re supplied without a liner, so if you’re going to colder places, a windblocker and thermals would be needed. The lack of a connection zipper is also a notable omission in a premium product. But that aside, having had several pairs of vented pants, both full textile, half leather/ textile and full leather, we would consider these Induction Pants as our default touring pants  from now on.  


gear induction jacket klim motorcycle pants review

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