Mercedes-Benz EQE takes aim at Model S

Derryn Wong

Mercedes-Benz EQE boasts 600km of range, tech-heavy ‘Hyperscreen’ interior, more interior room than an E-Class, coming to Singapore 2022

-EQE 350: 288hp, 90kWh battery, 650+km of range 
-Singapore debut set for 2022 
-New EV platform means more interior space 
-Hyperscreen interior with  three screens, OTA updates

Munich, Germany – At the IAA Mobility show (formerly the Frankfurt Motor Show), Mercedes-Benz has announced its first large, luxury, electric sedan the EQE.

The brand is now accelerating its Mercedes-EQ electric sub-brand debut in  Singapore, with the already-launched EQC and soon-to-launch EQA. Officially, the EQE will arrive in Singapore in 2022, along with the EQB – an electric version of the seven-seat SUV the GLB.

The car is the second model to run on Mercedes’ premium electric platform, EVA2. As the ‘E’ in the name suggests, it’s the electric analogue to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, as the EQS is to the limousine S-Class, but has styling and tech unique to Mercedes-EQ, the electric sub-brand. 

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

The EQE is the latest in Merc’s electric vehicle (EV) blitz – the EQC midsize SUV has already debuted in Singapore, while the EQA small SUV will launch in mid-September.

Expected in Singapore next year, along with the EQE, are the seven-seat SUV EQB, and the new electric flagship for the brand the EQS. Mercedes has not released European prices yet, but the EQE should cost at least S$300,000 with COE.

With aims to have a fully electric vehicle in every segment by 2022, Mercedes looks like it’s champing at the bit to be the ‘conventional’ carmaker to take the fight to Tesla. 

Performance, drive

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

The first model to be announced is the EQE 350, with a 288hp electric motor, though there will be multiple models in the lineup including less expensive ones with a smaller battery and vice versa. Mercedes says a more powerful model with around 670hp is in the works. 

The battery, located in the floor, has a net capacity of 90kWh, which is typical of large luxury-class BEVs. Mercedes says it has optimised the cell chemistry and reduced the ratio of cobalt (8:1:1, nickel, cobalt, manganese) thereby reducing the amount of rare earths needed to produce the battery. Along those lines, the EQE also uses 100 percent recycled steel from German foundry Salzgitter AG. 

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

Efficiency is rated at 19.3-15.7kWh/100km for a WLTP predicted range of 545 to 660km. On paper, that’s impressive range given 400-plus kilometers is considered generous for an electric car, and 500-600km Tesla claims is class-leading range.

Maximum charge rate is 170kW with DC fast charging, which brings you up to 80 percent in just over half an hour. AC charge rate is up to 22kW, which would top up the battery in roughly five hours. 

Mercedes has an ‘Eco Charging’ programme for the battery, which limits it to 80 percent charge and charges it in a fashion that extends the lifespan of the powerpack.

Two motors drive each axle for electric all-wheel drive capability with a combined output of 288hp (215kW) and 530Nm. There are no official figures yet, but we expect a 2.3-tonne kerbweight and 0-100km/h of around seven seconds, with a sub-200km/h top speed. Lesser models will have rear-wheel drive only. 

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

The suspension is derived from that on the current S-Class, with air suspension available as an option, as well as optional all-wheel steering.

The EQE has two on-board sounds dubbed Silver Wave (relaxed) and Vivid Flux (more energetic), which are broadcast through the Burmester surround sound system. Owners can also opt for a more aggro Roaring Pulse sound, which can be ‘activated as an over-the-air update’. 

Design, footprint

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

Mercedes continues the German tradition of appropriately-sized sausages cars for each segment, and it’s no surprise the EQE looks like a smaller EQS. Shown here are cars in both Electric Line and AMG Line trims. 

Merc’s ‘Sensual Purity’ design theme still reigns, with the emphasis on clean, curved surfaces and fewer joints to create a flowing, seamless design.  As seen on other EQ electric models, the headlights blend into the grille-section – all the gaps on the front are sealed to reduce drag. Behind it, a one-piece bonnet spans from wheel to wheel. 

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

Sleek, flowing lines aren’t just for show, but help aerodynamics – there’s aero-optimised wheels, the unique A-pillar design., and a smooth underbody to reduce drag to a mere 0.20cD, which boosts both range and refinement.

Like many EVs, the EQE also hides tallness (due to the battery-floor). In fact, it’s almost 100mm longer and wider than the E-Class, but also a considerable 82mm taller. 

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

With the fastback styling and footprint, it resembles the Mercedes-Benz CLS, but it has a notable increase in interior space thanks to a flat floor. The car’s wheelbase is 3,012mm, which is longer than a standard-wheelbase S-Class. As a result, Mercedes says the interior is 80mm longer, with 27mm more front shoulder room, and notably the seating position is 65mm taller than the E-Class’. 

Digital economy

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

The top-spec interior for the EQE will feature the same ‘Hyperscreen’ infotainment layout with a glass panel spanning nearly the entire cabin, and three displays underneath: two 12.3-inch (one for driver, one for passenger) and a central 17.7-inch touchscreen. The latter two are OLED screens.

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

MBUX is here in full force, as we’ve seen in recent Mercedes cars, but one cool feature is the passenger screen – it can display content (videos, games) on the move, but if it detects the driver looking at the screen, it’ll auto dim itself to avoid distraction. Underneath the Hyperscreen are 12 haptic actuator motors for touch feedback. Below the glass is an ambient light strip, and above it are the air conditioning vents. 

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQE

Just like the E-Class and its recent cars cop tricks from Tesla, so does the EQE: A comfort access feature sees the driver door pop open upon approach, and close automatically once you depress the brake pedal. Like Tesla cars, the EQE will also see extensive options for owners after delivery, through over-the-air/Internet updates. This includes the additional driving sound, as mentioned, but also games, special drive modes (Beginner, Valet) and more. 

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE Digital Light
2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE Digital Light working with Lane Change Assist

But unlike Tesla, Mercedes’ added active safety features should not stir up any controversy, at least if the German brand’s safety record is anything to go by. The new Digital Light feature is, literally eye-catching: Working with active safety systems such as the lane change assistant, the car’s lights will project a path for the driver to follow, amongst other things. 


BEV electric eqe EV large luxury sedan Mercedes-Benz mercedes-eq sedan

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