2023 Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor Review: Make It Reign

Jay Tee

The new and improved Polestar 2 LRDM retains much of the same charm (and quirks) of its pre-facelift car but receives more power, more range and enhanced efficiency figures.

2023 Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor

Launched: September 2023 – Price S$339,000 with COE
Four-door, fastback sedan, five seats
476hp, dual-motor electric drive, 16.8-17.2kWh/100km, 568km range

Massive power output
Improved efficiency figures and longer range
Same impeccable build quality

Standard fit Performance Pack is quite stiff
Not much change in dynamics despite RWD bias
Steering lacks feedback

Photos: Jay Tee


Fact: The Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor is the best example of a sleeper car on sale in Singapore. With its clean, Scandi-minimalist aesthetic and high-riding body shell, the Polestar 2 is every bit as nondescript and low-key as you’d expect a sleeper to be. 

It also helps that the Polestar 2 LRDM shares the same exact exterior shell as its single-motor sibling (and the same CMA platform as a Volvo XC40) with no aggressive splitters or body kit. It’s a car that packs a hell of a punch, but one that flies under the radar of most observers.

That is, until you tromp on the accelerator and realise how devastatingly effective it is at leaving other road users in your dust – and to do so in silence.

Par for the course for most production vehicles, the Polestar 2 has undergone a mid-cycle refresh (Model Year 2024, or MY24) that gives it a cleaner front fascia and new rim options. But the new car also has a larger battery pack and sees numerous changes to the car’s powertrain that gives it 17% more power while being 17% more efficient than before.


Externally, the MY24 PS2 is nearly identical to that of the pre-facelift car. Apart from a blanked front “grille” that emulates that of the upcoming Polestar 3’s SmartZone sensor cluster, there are no obvious differences between this and the older generation car. Even the new 20-inch rim designs are broadly similar to that of the outgoing car. 

But there are clues that hint at the car’s potent powertrain. For the 2024 model year, all Long range Dual Motor Polestar 2s are equipped with the Performance Pack (previously a S$16,000 option) as standard, so the car receives a smattering of gold adornments on the brake callipers and tyre valve caps. But again, you’d be hard-pressed to spot these differences.


The same difference (or lack thereof) can be said for the cabin. Ahead of the driver sits the same 12.3-inch instrument panel and in the middle of the dashboard, the same 11.15-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen running the same Google Android-based operating system.

Of course, being a Polestar, the cabin is impeccably well-furnished with a lovely mix of recycled materials and textiles. It’s minimalist without being too spartan, and the moonroof makes the cabin feel roomier than it actually is. The car also comes with Google Maps and Spotify connectivity out of the box, but users can still connect their smartphone for (wired) Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

However, there are some quirks that have been carried over from the outgoing car. The oddly placed HVAC vents behind the screen for instance, or the wing mirrors set further back from the A-pilars, as well as the limited rear visibility. In truth, the aforementioned quirks aren’t dealbreakers, and it’s more a case of “when” rather than “if” one can get used to driving the Polestar 2.


The biggest change in the MY24 PS2 lies in its powertrain, which has a larger 82kWh (79kWh usable) battery pack which now accepts a maximum charge rate of 205kW under DC charging (AC charging remains the same at 11kW) But the powertrain is now more efficient than before with a consumption figure of 16.8-17.2 kWh/100km, thanks to the combination of an asynchronous and synchronous motor in the front and rear respectively.

Under lighter loads, the front motor can now be disengaged so only the 215kW (292 horsepower) rear motor is called upon for better efficiency. It didn’t take much effort for us to hit 15.3kWh/100km (lower than its quoted figure), but we’re certain that drivers with less dense feet would manage better still.

But when roused to action, the combined might of the dual-motor drivetrain generates a staggering 476 horsepower and 740Nm of torque – 68 more horsepower than before.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

With 476hp/740Nm at your disposal, you’d often forget that you’re still behind the wheel of a 2.1-ton family sedan that can lug 446 litres of baggage (405L in the rear, 41L in the frunk). 

Pin your foot to the floor and the car is capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in just 4.2 seconds, although we have it on good authority that 4.0 seconds is possible on ideal road surfaces. The car’s performance gauges even include a launch timer, for added bragging rights.

It covers ground with the immediacy and deftness that high-powered EVs are renowned for. Flat out, the PS2 LRDM will manage a top speed of 205km/h on an unrestricted road. Needless to say, it didn’t take much time for us to get to unpublishable speeds. Thankfully, the 4-piston Brembo brakes (courtesy of the Performance Pack) are just as effective at scrubbing speed.

Granted, this isn’t the fastest EV I’ve been in (that honour goes to the RS e-tron GT), and it certainly isn’t the most dynamic among the high-powered EV fraternity. Despite the rear-biased powertrain, the PS2 still lacks the turn in and steering response that you get from an RWD vehicle.

While it is rapid in a straight line, its high ground clearance and lack of steering feedback don’t inspire much confidence in the car’s abilities around a bend. However, the Performance Pack’s Öhlins dampers do a fair job of balancing the swaying motions of this 2.1-ton EV, enabling you to pitch into a corner with more speed than you’d think possible. 

Despite the car’s performance credentials, the Polestar 2 LRDM works supremely well as a daily runabout. Lack of driving modes aside, gentle throttle inputs are more than enough to get you moving along the road. The car’s one pedal drive system is also less abrupt than before, making it easier to pilot around low-speed inner city streets.

And despite the stiffer springs, the Polestar 2 LRDM is a tad harsh but isn’t what you’d call uncomfortable. The factory settings of the Öhlins dampers can be manually adjusted for a more amenable ride, but we’d suggest you leave that to the good folks at Polestar to do so.


At S$339,000 (at the time of writing), the refreshed Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor is the most powerful premium vehicle you can get your hands on for less than S$350,000 in Singapore – “Premium” being the operative word here.

Granted, there are electric cars that boast ludicrous 0-100km/h times, or EVs that are supremely comfortable in the day-to-day grind. However, the Polestar 2 LRDM finds itself in the middle of the performance-comfort spectrum. It’s not often that we test a car that boasts increased power figures and improved efficiency figures concurrently, but the refreshed Polestar 2 LRDM is a clear example of what is possible.

It packs an almost indiscriminate amount of power, so driving it demands discipline. However, the relentless surge from the dual-motor powertrain is immensely addictive. Even after spending the better part of the week in it, I still couldn’t keep myself from smiling every time I launched it.

Even better still is seeing the shocked faces of my passengers as the car surges forward – and the gaping jaws of other road users. It is the perfect sleeper car.

Polestar 2 Long range Dual Motor (MY24)

DrivetrainFull electric
Electric Motor / LayoutDual motor / All-wheel drive
Motor Power / Torque476 hp / 740Nm
Battery Type / CapacityLithium-ion, 82kWh (79kWh usable)
Standard Charge Time / Type8 Hours / 11kW AC
Fast Charge Time / Type28 minutes / 205kW DC
Electric Range*568km
0-100km/h4.2 seconds
Top Speed205km/h
VES BandA1 / -S$25,000
AgentPolestar Singapore/Wearnes Automotive
PriceS$339,000 with COE and VES
Verdict:The MY24 Polestar 2 Long range Dual Motor boasts improved performance and efficiency figures with an added dose of fun, and it’s still an impressive all-rounder for the money.


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