2024 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S Review: Per la grande strada

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For slightly less coin than the competition, Deyna Chia thinks that the 2024 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S is ideal for those who live for spirited rides

2024 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S

Launched: 2024 – Price: S$38,900 without COE
Petrol, Sport Tourer
115hp, 1,042cc V-twin

Pleasantly smooth engine
Goon on standard features
By-far the best Guzzi we’ve ridden

Not as fluid on the road as some of the competition, but coming in at a lower price point, we are not complaining much

Photos: Lionel Kong & Deyna Chia
Words: Deyna Chia

Singapore and Como, Italy

For a little less coin than competition from German offerings, the Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S has plenty to offer. Positioned as both a Roadster and Touring bike, the V100 Mandello is the first motorcycle to offer adaptive aerodynamics (by way of electronically operated fairing mounted winglets). Loaded with all the bells and whistles, the V100 Mandello S (V100) comes complete with Full LED headlight with DRL, cornering lights, cornering ABS and Moto Guzzi Traction Control (Continental six-axis system), Cruise Control, Riding Modes, Full colour TFT display, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), Heated Grips, Up/Down quickshifter, Moto Guzzi MIA and Ohlins Smart EC2.0 semi-active suspension front and rear.

Visibly Guzzi yet modern

Viewed from the side, the styling of the V100 draws reference from the famed Moto Guzzi Le Mans and Suzuki Katana. The headlight is shaped like the Guzzi Eagle (logo), and the adjustable windscreen reminded us of the aftermarket MRA screens. With the panniers installed, the rear half of the V100 also reminded us of a certain Bavarian roadster. Overall the new motor and shaft drive assembly give the V100 a more compact look, hinting at its more sporty capability (vis-a-vis its predecessors). Whilst previous Guzzis have a more marmite appearance, the V100 looks more mainstream, blending a classic yet modern look.

All new powerplant

Powered by a brand new 1042cc 8-valve, DOHC liquid-cooled 90-degree, producing 115 HP at 8700 rpm (9500 redline), 105 Nm at 6750 rpm. The new “compact block” is lighter when compared to the 1200 Sport, and 103mm shorter than the V85 TT “small block” engine. This results in a lower kerb weight of 233kg (vs 240kg on the 1200 Sport). The wheelbase of 1476mm is also shorter than both the Sport 1200 (1485mm) or Harley Davidson Sportster S (1520mm).

The engine is over-square, and therefore loves to rev. Unlike the older engines that would get more and more vibey as revs increased, this new unit remains serene, even as the tachometer sweeps with increased urgency from 6000rpm to the 9500rpm redline. It also feels pleasantly torquey (retaining what Guzzi’s are known for), delivering 86Nm from just 3500pm, giving a sensation similar to say… the Harley Davidson Sportster S or PanAmerica, or even something from Team Orange.

Retaining its trademark shaft drive, the system boasts just one universal joint in the swingarm pivot, allowing a wider 190/55 tyre and removes the need for a secondary support arm (like you see on the BMW R1200GS), thereby reducing weight. The six-speed gearbox features patented free-play-reduced gears (1 and 2) that facilitate rapid and smooth gear changes. This in turn allows fitment of a quickshifter (up and down). We found shifts to be reasonably smooth when employing the quickshifter, though the shift timing suited higher revs. When changing gears using the clutch (lever), the gearbox did retain a hint of the clunkiness, which harks back to Guzzis of old.

Electronic trickery 

Working the electronic settings (engine mode, traction control etc) is simple; with a four button affair on the left hand control, and one on the right hand control. Like other modern setups, the V100’s can be fully customised in any parameter within each mode (rain, road, touring and sport). We found little distinction in power delivery however, between the engine power modes.

Riding impression – Two countries, twice the fun!

We had the opportunity to experience the V100, both in Singapore, and around Lake Como, Italy. 

On local roads, the V100 surprised with its power delivery, gearbox refinement, top-shelf Ohlins semi-active suspension and supportive Brembo brakes. I found it communicative, and remained composed, when things got spirited across the (in)famous 99-bends. To my delight, it even shrugged off the quick direction-change flick” as we negotiated our favourite right to left “chicane”, resisting any hint of “pogo”. It feels sprung more as a grand-tourer (which is the sporty side of comfort). The V100 soaked up highway miles, insulating us from undulations and tarmac imperfections well. Perhaps not a magic carpet ride like the Ducati Multistrada V4S, but pretty darn good considering the difference in price between the V100 and the former.

Como, Italy:
We took a 2-hour trip from our base in Como to Bellagio for lunch, and back. This is a scenic route that traces the coastline along Lake Como, which includes hilly-twisty dual carriageways (one lane each direction) across towns, through tunnels, and with short straights – where we could punch the V-twin in small bursts. Over here, you can expect uneven surfaces, which mostly reveal themselves around the narrower hair-pins. In our books, the pockmark-imperfections definitely provide a challenge around the bends, but we have to say that they contribute to riding entertainment. Somehow, we feel that the roads here have some parallels to the Raub to Ringlet in Malaysia, albeit shorter and milder. Definitely not as demanding, but they provide enough variation to experience the V100 in terms of sporting dynamics; and we have to say that were not disappointed.

Impressively, the engine has enough “depth” for us to keep it in 3rd gear, while picking our way through the slow hairpins, and even when negotiating uphill climbs. And it gets better… it’s absolutely smooth through the rev-range, pulling cleanly from 3,000rpm all the way towards the redline. When the road straights up, we’d simply short-shift into 5th, while taking in that thunderous induction roar that Guzzis are known for. Road imperfections were taken head-on and without complaint, the semi-active Ohlins suspension works beautifully in cohesion with the chassis. Sudden, firm application of the front brakes doesn’t unsettle the bike either; the Cornering ABS-equipped Brembo radial front master cylinder, and 4-pot callipers, in combination with the twin 320mm floating discs, offers good feel and feedback.

Clearly, we can tell you that it feels as-though the V100 is developed to conquer these parts. There is a sense that the bike vibes well with your inputs, responding without fuss, and rewarding you with a ride refinement and composure. If you were to ask me, its on-road manners surpasses even that of Bavarian roadsters we’d owned before (albeit a few generations old by now).

Who’s it for – anyone who appreciates value

With a storied history and literally the pride of Mandello Del Lario (we visited the Museum/ town, stay tuned for our story), the V100 Mandello S is by-far the best Guzzi we’ve ridden. Whilst being no weight weenie at 233kg (wet), the V100 Mandello S feels substantial for two-up riding; or if you prefer, spirited individual B-road blasting, to simply soak in that thunderous induction roar and satisfying torrent of torque.

Take it from us, the V100 Mandello S is well-packaged. At a price point that undercuts the competition by 10% (20% in the case of the base V100 Mandello), we think it’s worth a test drive, at the very least.

Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S

Engine1042cc, transverse 90° V-twin, four valves per cylinder w/ Ride by Wire
Power115 HP at 8700 rpm (9500 redline)
Torque105 Nm at 6750 rpm (82% already available at 3500 rpm)
Gearbox6 speed Manual Transmission with up/down quickshifter
Weight (no fuel)233kg
Seat Height 815mm
AgentMotoplex Singapore
Price $45,300 otr before COE and insurance (at time of writing)
[V100 Mandello is $38,900)
Verdict Probably one of the best looking modern Guzzis since the 2006 Griso 1100. The V100 Mandello S comes with top spec semi-electronic Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and all new punchy engine, quick shifter, engine modes, maintenance free shaft drive and sporty yet mature handling to boot. Thoroughly enjoyable ride with hints of Guzzi character that’s kept its fans (called the Clan) wanting more, from a brand with over 102 years of continuous production.
Worth a test drive at the very least.


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