2024 smart #1 Pro+ 66kWh Review: Introducing Mr Smartypants

Augustine Lai

smart… the guys behind those funky 3-hole rim cars make a return, with the help of a new partner. Will their new #1 be one with hearts?

2024 smart #1 Pro+ 66kWh

Launched: 2024 – Price: S$242,888
Five-door, SUV, five seats
268hp 343Nm, single-motor electric drive
420km range

Attractive looks
Great performance
Impressive Efficiency

Regenerative Braking needs improvement
Intrusive driving assist systems

Photos: Clifford Chow


The smart brand faced significant challenges during the introduction of its compact two-seater cars in the past. The main USP behind their vehicle was to create a low-cost compact vehicle that could make parking a breeze. But also more-importantly… safe, just like a big Mercedes-Benz… a car a smart back then, would probably want to grow up to become. However, with the incorporation of additional safety technology and the absence of shared components with other vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup (smart’s luxury car parent), contributed to high production costs. As such, smart struggled to achieve significant sales for their vehicles.

Fast forward to today, and there is a new partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Chinese manufacturer – Geely. The smart #1 (yes you pronounce it as hashtag 1) is the first product in the lineup of the new partnership that is hmm..not so tiny. But, while it is still a compact car by today’s standards, it has much more to offer than its near bare-bones predecessors. Additionally, for a good dash of “I’m going where the wind blows”, all vehicles from smart no longer use petrol engines, and instead utilise electric powertrains.

In terms of sizing, the #1 is similar to that of a Hyundai Kona electric and the Kia Niro EV. It is available in two variants – this one, which is the Pro+, and the higher-powered Brabus. Both variants are powered by a 66kWh battery, with the Pro+ being driven by a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels, while the Brabus variant benefits from dual motors, driving the front and rear.

My #1 time behind the wheel

Power and torque are-a-plenty, even for the more-humble #1 Pro+. It puts out 268 hp and 343Nm, which mildly-put is sufficient for our local roads. It hits the benchmark 100km/h in 6.7 seconds which means that you get in-front of the pack with ease. But while I have no complaints with performance, the suspension is too firm for my liking. At low speeds, the ride comes across as pretty choppy, and you don’t get the best of “feels” when going over bumps. However, once the #1 begins to pick up on speed, it cruises effortlessly, and the ride feels more ironed-out. The interior’s sound insulation is quite spot-on, even when travelling at higher speeds. Steering accuracy is on-point, although I feel that any setting, that is not the heaviest, is simply too light.

To help scavenge energy, the smart #1 has two settings for its regenerative braking, where the stronger setting is intended for one-foot operation. However, I feel that even in its “strong” setting, brake “regen” still seems to be on the mild side. I also notice that the regenerative braking does not respond the moment my foot is off the accelerator; which means you’d need to adjust your driving style. Also in my opinion, the smart’s Lane Keep Assist, and Collision Warning also does interfere with my driving style. On a more practical front, what I thought were helpful were the 360-degree and blind-spot cameras in the car, which helped to aid with parking.

With a claimed range of 420km, the #1 offers decent mileage between charges. It has an official consumption of 5.7km/kWh (17.5kWh/100km), but for us, we managed 7.8km/kWh (12.8kWh/100km), which is better than what is officially posted. For a full charge, the #1 needs 7.5 hours plugged-in to a 7.4kW Ac charger, while a fast charge can be completed in 50 minutes, with the use of a 130kW DC charger.

My #1 time inside a #1

The #1 comes equipped with a good amount of standard features that could easily attract technophiles, like bees to honey. For starters, a panoramic sunroof adds a dash of sunlight to the cabin, while an air-conditioned compartment in the centre console is ideal for keeping drinks chilled (or that tarte au citron you’re saving for later), which is great, especially during long-distance drives.

More importantly, a 12.8-inch infotainment screen is there to greet you, with a pleasant homepage interface. The infotainment system is powered by an AI-driven voice assistant system that can also be activated by tapping on the fox avatar on the homescreen. The #1 comes with standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, which is a useful touch; however, I experienced the entire infotainment system giving up on me multiple times, while attempting to connect my phone. This proved to be quite frustrating.

While there is a space for a wireless charging pad, this is only a standard feature on the Brabus variant. smart could have done better in designing their controls for their air-conditioning; the #1 is devoid of physical buttons and knobs to make quick adjustments. Like in many newer cars (like this hatchback), you will need to call up the virtual climate control… controls to… be in control of the temperature. For its size the #1’s boot is decent, offering 323-litres; which is slightly larger than the related Volvo EX30.

The #1 Pro+ starts at $242,888, which is $2k more, compared to the related Volvo EX30. However, making a comeback with prices in the mid-twos, pockets will certainly be smarting.

2024 smart #1 Pro+ 66kWh

Drivetrain typeFull Electric
Electric Motor / layoutSingle Motor, Rear Wheel Drive
Motor power / torque268hp / 343Nm
Battery type /net capacityLithium-ion / 66kWh (net)
Normal Charge Type / Time7.4kW AC / 7.5 hours
Max Fast Charge Type / Time130kW DC / 50 mins
Electric Range420km
0-100km/h6.7 seconds
Top Speed180km/h 
VES BandB / +S$0
AgentCycle & Carriage
PriceS$242,888 with COE and VES
Verdict:A looker of a car, great performance, somewhat practical with a not so practical price tag


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