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Need to charge your electric vehicle? Here’s why the SP app offers the most seamless, convenient and user-friendly charging experience

One of the questions many people who are new to electric vehicles (EVs) often ask tends to relate to charging. How do I charge my EV? Is it easy or convenient? 

Putting that aside first, we can definitely agree that living with an EV is much easier than before. Newer EVs boasts longer ranges, with some even rivalling their ICE counterparts. 

However, for those who are considering the purchase of an EV as their next ride, and especially for first time EV owners, the thought of how to charge their cars might be perplexing and even confusing.

For this group of users, we would like to share that it has become significantly easier to locate public chargers. One of Singapore’s leading charging networks is SP Group, operating through SP Mobility, which currently has close to 400 charging locations across the island, and a total of over 1,400 charging points… and you must know, that they are still expanding.

But not only are they expanding. SP Group has the largest fast charging EV charging network in Singapore. How is that for peace-of-mind?

Beyond having one of the nation’s most extensive charging networks, ease of usage is also important. And with the SP app, you can rest assured that charging your EV will be a seamless and user-friendly experience.

For starters, the EV charging feature is integrated into the SP app, which is a must download if you are a homeowner; as it also allows you to track your home’s utility usage. So… you get a useful all-in-one app that provides numerous sustainable features, and it also enables you to perform the mundane, such as payment of utility bills as well as what we are here for – EV charging. If you already have an SP account, all you need to do is to set up your payment details in the app, and you’re ready to go.

Using the EV charging feature in the SP app is easy and straightforward. Once you tap into the ‘EV Charging’ icon, the app will showcase a list of SP Group charging locations, sorted by proximity in-relation to your current location, as well as the number of chargers and their availability. You can also choose to bookmark up to three (we understand that this will be improved in the very near future) of your favourite SP Group charging locations. For instance, the one nearest your home, workplace, or one which you frequently visit, and they will appear at the top of the list.

Tapping on the map will display the charging stations on the map of Singapore, allowing you to visualise where the chargers are in relation to your location. You can also choose to filter the chargers based on type, whether they be AC or DC chargers, or ultra-fast chargers that can offer up to 200 kW of fast charging. 

Once you have arrived at your chosen SP Group charging location, simply scan the QR code located on the selected charger to commence the charging process – this can also be easily accessed via the “Scan QR” function on the home screen. Alternatively, you can also enter the serial number on the charger as well. Too dark? There is also a handy function to turn on your smartphone’s flashlight, to aid with scanning the QR code.

Once charging has begun, the SP app will display the amount of electricity that is being consumed. To end the charging process, simply slide the button at the bottom to indicate that you’re done with charging. The app can also notify you if charging is completed, and remind you to unplug your EV from the charger – for that, our advice is to remember to enable all app notifications from SP app. Additionally, the SP app also indicates locations where idle fees apply, which enables EV drivers to plan their charging in advance.

When charging has ended, the SP app will display transaction details, such as duration of charge, electricity consumed, rate charged, as well as total amount payable – which will be automatically charged to your selected credit card, making the payment process easy, seamless and fuss-free.

The SP app is always kept up-to-date with the latest EV charging promotions and benefits for EV drivers. Users will be glad to know that they can also be rewarded for embracing sustainability, since the SP app has a loyalty reward programme known as “GreenUP Rewards” which gives you the best deals when you go green. 

If you are keen to take that step towards a green future, you’d be glad to know that there are different sustainability challenges on the app, allowing you to earn leaves (think of them as points). This includes EV charging services, where a minimum charge of 20 kWh each session will earn you 20 leaves. The more you charge, the more leaves you earn. Accumulate leaves to level up and unlock more rewards at your favourite F&B and retail stores. 

SP Group generally charges $0.65/kWh for AC charging, while their DC charging rate is generally $0.71/kWh.

For contrast, let’s compare the SP app to five other EV charging apps available in Singapore:

CDG Engie

CDG Engie’s EV charging app displays the available charging stations listed by proximity, as well as on a location map. It also allows for filtering by charging type, and the ability to save favourite locations. On first impressions, CDG’s charging network is significantly less than those offered by SP Group. It is also a dedicated automobile charging app, hence there are less integrated features, as compared to the SP app.

It also does not offer a rewards programme, and neither does it provide a real-time indication of the amount charged, with the invoice only sent to the user at the end of the billing month.

CDG Engie generally charges $0.65/kWh for AC charging, while their DC charging rate is generally $0.72/kWh.

Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge’s EV app displays its charging stations on a map by default, with a list view available at the bottom of the screen. Some of Shell’s EV chargers are within selected fuel stations, which provides opportunistic charging opportunities, with access to the station’s shop. However on the app, its filtering function is limited to the connector type, and it does not have the ability to sort by charging speed (DC or AC charging). The default payment method is via purchasing a pre-loaded credit in the app, although there is also the option of adding a credit or debit card as a payment method.

Interestingly, Shell has kept their Shell Recharge app separate from their Shell GO+ app, the latter which is used to obtain points, when refuelling.

Shell Recharge generally charges $0.65/kWh for AC charging, while their DC charging rate is generally $0.76/kWh.


TotalEnergies’ EV app requires users to sign up for an Eco Plus subscription plan. For a fee of $5 a month, this will be paired with a membership card. However, the basic Eco Standard plan (intended for occasional drivers) does not require a subscription fee. For those who may find the charging network familiar, TotalEnergies bought the charging infrastructure from Bluecharge (the guys behind BlueSG) back in 2021.

The app opens on the home page with a menu to access functions like account details and settings, while the display of available chargers are only in the sub-menu. It also only displays the five charging stations nearest to your location, and does not list charging stations further away. While the overlay of stations loads quickly, the map does take some time to load up.

TotalEnergies generally charges $0.60/kWh for AC charging. Most of their chargers are rated at 3 kW, which means that they are more ideal as destination chargers. They operate a few DC chargers and generally charge $0.66/kWh for DC charging.


Charge+ requires you to top-up their app with credits, before you can proceed to charge your vehicle. Additionally, you also need to provide them with your vehicle information. If you intend to park your car at selected condominium developments, you can subscribe for a charging plan – something SP Group offers at its chargers deployed in condominium developments as well.

The app’s embedded map lets you to refine your search, based on where public and fast chargers are located, as well as where you can find new charging locations. It also displays where charging with free parking is available.

Charge+ generally charges $0.61/kWh for AC charging, while their DC charging rate is generally $0.67/kWh. Do take note that the rates listed on Charge+ app excludes GST.


Like the Charge+ app, ChargEco also requires users to top-up their app with credits, before charging can commence. The bulk of their charging network appears to be concentrated in the Eastern part of the island in relative proximity to the PIE, and also in the areas of Queenstown and Tiong Bahru.

You can refine your search on the map, based on paid or free parking, and AC and DC charging. To locate their chargers, ChargEco utilises apps like Google Maps or Waze to help with way-finding. 

ChargEco generally charges $0.60/kWh for AC charging, while their DC charging rate is generally $0.70/kWh.

And there you have it!

The SP app arguably offers a more comprehensive EV charging experience. Its seamless and easy-to-use interface and functionality, together with a real-time display of all the important information that an EV driver would need, right at your fingertips. With the SP app, charging your EV is truly a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Visit the SP Mobility website at to stay up-to-date with the latest information and promotion, and start your EV charging journey with SP Group now!

Click here or scan the QR code below to download the SP app.

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