2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV in Singapore: Need to know

Derryn Wong
Family Shots BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Singapore model lineup, variants, pricing and more – BMW’s successful small MPV the 2 Series AT is back in 2022. Updated with test drive links, video

  • Second-gen model with new everything ‘baby iX’ levels of tech
  • 218i 1.5-litre 136hp model confirmed for Singapore in March 2022 
  • 220i likely for Singapore too, 216i a future possibility 
  • Expected price of 218i around S$200k with COE
  • 225e, 230e PHEV not for Singapore
  • Trim: M Sport variant and Luxury variants
  • 7-seat Gran Tourer model will no longer be made
Derryn gets behind the wheel of the 2AT in Spain, and shows you all of its neat, new tricks

UPDATE: The 2 AT has launched in Singapore and we test drive it in Singapore here!

Malaga, Spain – Ahead of our first drive of the new second-generation BMW 2 Series Active Tourer in Spain, CarBuyer Singapore brings you everything we know about the popular MPV. 

The 2 Series Active Tourer first debuted in 2014, and was BMW’s first multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), and also famously the brand’s first front-wheel drive car. That mattered little to buyers, with the 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer (seven-seat model) giving BMW conquest rates of 80 percent (ie. 80 percent of buyers were new to BMW) and selling 430,000 units worldwide. It was a notable success in Singapore too, being one of the brand’s best-sellers right up until the end of its life cycle. 

Update: First test drives of the 2 Series AT!
The mainstream-est one, BMW 220i Luxury
The powerful one, 223i M sport
The technological one, 230e PHEV

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer M Sport : 230e M Sport left, 223i M Sport right - singapore
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer M Sport : 230e M Sport left, 223i M Sport right

In fact it was so successful in Singapore that this is possibly the only time we’ve ever heard Singapore mentioned in the target market speech: The new 2 Series AT product manager Jens Neubauer said at the car’s debut that ,”Major Asia sales markets for the car include Singapore, Japan, and Korea.” #represent

Second-gen: New all-around 

2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - rear view - Singapore
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer – M Sport

The second-gen car is new in all areas, says BMW. The 2AT is built on a new electric-ready platform dubbed ‘FAAR’, which is based on the previous UKL platform. 

While the wheelbase is identical at 2,670mm, the car is still notably larger than before. At 4,386mm long, 1,824mm wide, and 1,576mm tall it is 32mm longer, 24mm wider, and 21mm taller. BMW says the front and rear track is 25mm and 26mm wider, respectively, which improves handling. 

2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - rear seats - Singapore
Expect more interior room. Nifty movable second-row is 40/20/40 split

Because of this, we expect the 2AT to be marginally roomier when it comes to shoulder and possibly headroom, although legroom should be the same. Boot space, as the chart shows, is slightly larger with all seats in play, and the mild hybrids have less due to the battery. 

2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - boot space - Singapore
No seven-seat option this time – because of batteries

The seven-seat 2 Series Gran Tourer model will not be made in this generation of car, said Neubauer. He cited a lack of overall demand for the GT model (though not in Singapore, obviously) and a shifting of consumer tastes to SUVs/crossovers for cars with three-rows. 

Our guess is, with the mild hybrids and PHEV complicating packaging matters, and CO2 fleet targets more painful than losing minor model sales, BMW’s choice was clear in this matter. 

But when you need a vehicle to be really big and really efficient…

Aero and design: New air style 

2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - Luxury - Singapore
2022 BMW 220i Active Tourer Luxury

You could never accuse the 2AT of being beautiful, but the new version does look much better. Its larger overall stance gives it more presence, while the wider track can be seen especially from the rear. In fact, in person it looks far more crossover-like than an MPV now. The taller kidney grille fits the upright, boxy stance of the MPV but less fuss and no figure-lines down the flanks of the car give a cleaner appearance too. 

2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - Luxury - Singapore
2022 BMW 220i Active Tourer Luxury

That’s not just for your eyes, but also possibly your ears and wallet: BMW is claiming that one of the drivers of the design was aero efficiency. There’s an active aero flap behind the kidney grille, flush door handles, a ‘virtually fully sealed’ underbody and much more. BMW also said it improved sealing around the doors and tailgate. These measures improve the car’s coefficient of drag to 0.26Cd from 0.29Cd previously, and that should help high-speed refinement and improve efficiency. 

There are two variants: M Sport (blue) and Luxury (white). BMW fans will recognise the playbook here, with the M Sport packing larger 17-inch wheels, more angles on the front end, a larger lower grille section and side air curtains, and larger wheels. Compare the Luxury’s smaller openings on the front end.

Gasoline mainstay for Singapore

Engine MotorPowerTorque0-100km/h and top speed GearboxEfficiencyKerbweight (DIN)Cargo 
2022 BMW 220i 1,499cc, inline 3, turbo, mild hybrid19hp / 55Nm156hp at 4700 to 6500rpm280Nm system max

1500 to 4400rpm
8.1 seconds / 221km/h 7-speed dual-clutch6.3L/100km (WLTP, average)1545kg 415 to 1405 litres
BMW 218i 
1,499cc, inline 3, turboN/A136hp at 4400 to 6500rpm230Nm from 1500 to 4000rpm9.0 seconds
7-speed dual-clutch6.5L/100km (WLTP average)1470kg 470 to 1,455
BMW 218i 
1,499cc, inline 3, turboN/A136hp at 1250 4400rpm220Nm from 1250rpm9.2 seconds205km/h6-speed auto5.2L/100km (NEDC)1360kg 468 to 1,510 litres
Comparing the old 218 to the new, alongside the new 220i

There are three  gasoline-only models of the new 2 Series AT, and three are relevant to Singapore: The base 218i, the mid-range 220i, and the more powerful 223i. The 218i has been confirmed as the launch model for Singapore – around Q2 2022 – but we predict the 220i might also be offered, with the 223i less likely. 

2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - 220i 218i engine - Singapore

Like we’ve seen with many other cars, the base 218i version is a classic petrol-only model, with the two higher variants packing gasoline engines and mild hybrid tech. The 1.5-litre turbo engine powering the 218i and 220i has ‘90 percent new parts’ compared to the previous version, and is more efficient with a slight increase to torque. 

We’ve gone into detail comparing the 218i and 220i with the previous-gen 218i in our table above. The 223i is less likely, in our opinion, to come to Singapore. It’s powered by a 2.0-litre making 204hp/320Nm of torque, with 0-100km/h in a quick 7.0 seconds and higher 241km/h top speed –  so it’s subject to more tax and is less efficient. As we saw with the previous-gen car, Singaporean buyers are more than content with a 218i. 

The previous-gen car sold most in 216i form because of its 106hp output and Cat A COE, and when queried the 2AT product manager Jens Neubauer said that a 216i is a possibility. 

Page 2: More iX derived tech inside, pricing and spec details for Singapore

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