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lexus nx video singapore - Mr NX

Discover the multi-faceted appeal of the all-new Lexus NX in Singapore as we follow Mr NX for a day


Design. Technology. Attention to detail. The Lexus NX has returned and it’s sportier, techier and more luxurious. For the young and successful, the second-gen Lexus NX makes the perfect companion to those looking for something luxurious and sporty. We’ll show you that through the eyes of Mr NX here.

Watch the NX – with Mr NX – in action here!

The Lexus NX : Quiet confidence, exciting design

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore-  Man in front of car

Mr NX is young, successful, and knows just what he wants – which is a car that isn’t just loud and proud.

There’s always more than meets the eye with a Lexus. But while the new second-generation NX makes a bold visual statement, it’s anything but over-the-top. One look and you get a sense of quiet confidence that comes with its luxuriousness.

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore-  front 3/4 view

Take for example the new spindle grille design. It makes a strong visual statement and yet its design makes for efficient airflow. And right next to the spindle grille are the unmistakable sharp ‘L-signature’ headlights. 

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore- spindle grille close up

Ready for the digital and urban jungle

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore- Wireless Apple CarPlay

The colour Head-Up Display and Digital Rearview Mirror matches up to the technological urban jungle we live in today. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even Wireless Apple CarPlay to really bring your life on the go. The tech is designed to be purposeful every step of the way and give you a seamless driving experience. Another example? The customisable ambient lighting – just like all the other features, it’s a perfect way for Mr NX to make sure the car is an extension of his lifestyle.

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore-  Tazuna Cockpit

Tying this all together is of course the Tazuna Cockpit and ergonomic layout of the cabin. Even with both hands on the wheel, everything is comfortably within reach.

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore-  driving behind the wheel

Combined with the Lexus Driving Signature, means that Mr NX is never confused about the performance of their car. The two-way relationship gives Mr NX confidence, stability, and plenty of driving fun.

But that’s just on the inside – this luxury extends outside as well. Yes, there’s sound insulation and dampening, but Lexus takes it one step further . For example, to reduce vibrations and turbulence, Lexus has added a special locking mechanism to its bonnet – just one touch among countless others that show Lexus and its pursuit of perfection.

Lexus hybrids: Decades of competence and efficiency

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury - CarBuyer Singapore - Lexus badge

Being acquainted with the finer, luxurious, things in life doesn’t mean a disregard for those around you. For the environmentally-conscious of us, the second-gen Lexus NX provides an option too with the Lexus NX 350h. The ‘h’ means it’s a hybrid, something Lexus is no stranger to. The world’s first luxury hybrid came from the brand – the Lexus RX 400h. 

The NX 350h has a fuel efficiency of 5.0L/100km. For comparison, an average midsize luxury SUV has an efficiency of 8.0L/100km or more. With a low fuel bill the NX 350h adds to its driver’s life every step of the way and especially considerate in modern times.

Every step of the way you ask? You bet. The Lexus NX comes equipped with Lexus Teammate Advanced Park that will self-park the NX. Just find a lot when you’ve reached your desired destination, and the Lexus NX will do all the work for you. Every superheroic duo needs a good teammate after all. 

The NX step in sportiness: The NX 350 F Sport

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury and 2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport side by side - CarBuyer Singapore

The Lexus NX lineup is of course made for more than just the classy and luxurious of us. The NX 350 F Sport is the NX 350h’s wilder twin sibling. On first glance you’ll find the darkened spindle grille, black gloss 20-inch wheels drawing you in from the outside.

 2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport - CarBuyer Singapore - front 3/4

The Lexus NX 350h brings you style and class, but more specifically the NX 350 F Sport gives you that athletic edge for those of us who need that practicality in life. On the inside, you’ll find a steering wheel, bolstered sport seats, and aluminium pedals that were designed to really set the F Sport apart. 

 2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport - CarBuyer Singapore - cockpit

Whether you’re coming from an important meeting at the office or going to an important meeting on the golf course, it’s no problem for Mr NX. The NX’s suspension has also been given a sport-tune, giving you that extra sporty edge in its dynamic handling and responsiveness. Just what you’d need to complement the active on-the-go lifestyle. 

2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury and 2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport side by side - CarBuyer Singapore

With just a push of the button the NX 350 F Sport can go from that cool and composed state to the exciting F Sport character. Starting to sound a bit like your after-work Friday night personas? Thanks to the Lexus Driving Signature and the sport-tuned suspension, you’ll be able to feel all 275hp of its turbocharged engine. You’ll even go from 0 to 100km/h in seven seconds.

The second-gen Lexus NX truly proves to be the much needed companion to any young professional looking for a car to match their lifestyle. With all thoughtful design and purposeful technology, it’s just the thing to push you into that next phase of your life. Something classy, refined, and understated.

Experience it for yourself: Head on down to the Lexus Boutique at 33 Leng Kee Road to test drive it today!


F Sport Hybrid Lexus NX NX 350 nx 350h

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