Why ELF engine oil is the right choice for your car

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Choosing the right engine oil is important to keep your car moving, literally, and here’s why ELF engine oil is the ideal choice for your car


Engine oil is an important component in keeping your car running smoothly, but what makes a good engine oil, and how do you choose the right one for your car?

Why is engine oil important?

Before we dive into that discussion, let’s first begin by explaining the importance of engine oil. The primary purpose of engine oil is to provide lubrication for the moving parts of the engine, helping to reduce wear and friction, while also serving to clean your engine of sludge. Engine oil plays a crucial role in ensuring that your car’s engine runs smoothly, allowing it to perform optimally,

But not all engine oils are created equal, and it is imperative that you choose the right engine oil for your car.

How to choose the right grade of engine oil for your car?

All engine oils are graded with an alphanumeric rating, such as 5W-40, 20W-50 and so on. This denotes the viscosity, or ‘thickness’, of the oil under varying conditions. As a basic illustration, liquid water has a lower viscosity than crude oil.

The first number in an engine oil’s rating indicates its viscosity at cold temperatures, and the lower the value, the faster it is able to circulate through the engine during cold starts. ‘W’ stands for Winter, and indicates that the engine oil is suitable for colder climates, although the vast majority of engine oil on sale today are formulated to work in all sorts of conditions. The last number denotes the viscosity rating at the engine’s operating temperature, and a higher number indicates greater viscosity when the engine is running.

Engine oils can also be broadly classified into three types: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. Mineral oil is a heavily refined version of the oil that is sourced naturally from the ground, semi-synthetic is similar to mineral oil but with additives added, while synthetic oil is essentially oil that is completely man-made and chemically engineered.

Most car manufacturers provide recommendations on the type of engine oil that is suitable for each car, and this is usually stated in the owner’s manual. Using the right kind of engine oil is important to ensure that your car’s engine is able to operate at its best condition.

How about ELF?

You may have come across the name ELF when you visited the car workshop, and ELF is a well-known name in the world of automotive lubricants. Established in 1967 as a government-owned corporation in France, ELF has since grown to become a global leader in lubricant technology. 

A key part of ELF’s success has been their involvement in motorsport, and ELF’s history has been intertwined with racing pretty much from the very beginning. Through its partnerships with numerous teams in both cars and motorcycle racing, ELF has a storied record of 156 Formula One Grand Prix victories, and won 9 manufacturer titles and 10 pilot titles across various motorsports series, both cars and motorcycles, across more than five decades.

Today, ELF has 41 production plants around the world, with a lineup of over 100 products across 6 ranges, and their lubricants are distributed in more than 90 countries.

Why ELF?

ELF’s engine oils are approved by OEMs, and are designed to work with the car’s factory specifications, especially Continental cars. ELF’s EVOLUTION FULL-TECH MSX 5W-30 motor oil has got the OEM approval of the following:

  • BMW LL-04
  • Mercedes Benz-Approval 229.52 
  • Volkswagen 505.01 
  • KIA

In addition, most ELF engine oils are certified as low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur), which lessens their environmental impact by dramatically reducing the level of pollutants used in their manufacture. They are also formulated to cater to today’s modern engines, allowing the engine’s depolluting systems to operate at their optimal capacity.

ELF’s Fuel Economy range of engine oils further helps improve performance while significantly reducing the engine’s environmental impact and running costs. Some of the benefits of using ELF’s Fuel Economy range on your car include lower fuel consumption, fewer CO2 emissions, greater engine protection, less wear and extended oil change intervals.

ELF’s engine oils have been engineered to deliver maximum performance, and keep your engine clean and in good shape for many thousands of kilometres in all conditions. With its excellent motorsport track record and approval from OEMs, ELF engine oils are the right choice to ensure that your car keeps on running smoothly for years to come.

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