Why Toyota Cars Are The Best Choice In These Prudent Times

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Despite the rising cost of living, here’s why buying a Toyota car in Singapore is the right choice for the savvy buyer

In Singapore, the cost of living is increasing and buying a car here can be expensive due to high taxes and Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices. Getting a Toyota car however, remains a wise decision for the savvy buyer. Owning a car is not just about money, but also about how it fits into your lifestyle and meets your daily needs while providing long-term value. Given the significant investment required, it’s crucial to consider all factors before making a purchase, especially since the car is likely to stay with you for several years.

In these challenging times, Toyota cars stand out as the best choice for a smart new car purchase in Singapore and here’s why.

Long term savings with Toyota hybrid efficiency

As the leader in automotive hybrid technology, Toyota is able to deliver real world savings for the everyday motorist with hybrid models that have been tested and proven as the ideal solution to help car buyers cut down on their fuel bills significantly. In addition, most Toyota hybrid models are eligible for tax rebates under the Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES), which further helps buyers enjoy even more cost savings.

The new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is a perfect example of how Toyota’s hybrid technology has been developed to offer real world benefits by delivering outstanding fuel efficiency. In a recent endurance challenge, the Corolla Cross Hybrid managed to travel a total distance of 1,051km around Singapore on a single tank of fuel, or the equivalent of driving from Changi to Tuas 21 times, recording an average fuel efficiency of 27.6km/L. That means you’ll have fewer visits to the petrol station, resulting in even greater savings in the long run.

Today, Toyota has the widest range of hybrid models with such capability in its lineup, giving car buyers greater options when it comes to cost effective motoring. Whether you’re looking at a small urban crossover, or a large luxury SUV, there’s a Toyota hybrid model available to meet your requirements.

Excellent value for money with premium features

Toyota offers a range of models that come equipped with premium and luxury features that are often seen in more expensive cars, but gladly, at a more affordable price point.

Some Toyota models come with advanced features such as heated and ventilated seats and advanced driver-assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. You can get these features usually found in more expensive luxury vehicles from Toyota as well at a lower price point, making them more accessible to more of us. This approach has helped Toyota to establish itself as a brand that delivers high-quality vehicles with premium features while still being affordable and providing excellent value for money.

The Toyota Harrier Luxury is a great example of such a car. The dimmable panoramic sunroof and digital rearview mirror are features that are commonly seen in other European luxury models, and yet Toyota has managed to incorporate them into the Harrier despite its modest price tag.

In addition, the wireless charging and dual-zone air conditioning with nanoe X are also features that add to the overall comfort and convenience of the vehicle. These, along with other upscale features like the leather seats and a premium sound system, make the Harrier Luxury a great value for money option for customers who want a luxurious driving experience without breaking the bank.

Moreover, Toyota has invested heavily in research and development to innovate new technologies, such as hybrid powertrains, that provide not only fuel efficiency but also superior driving dynamics and performance. Toyota’s ability to offer premium features and technologies at a more accessible price point, along with their reputation for reliability and lower maintenance costs, helps deliver great value to consumers, especially when compared to other more expensive European luxury brands.

Meeting your expectations with current trends

Consumers in Singapore have always been discerning, and they demand that a car be more than just mere transport to get them from A to B. Today’s consumers also place a strong emphasis on sustainability, safety and technology. And Toyota makes it the perfect car brand to meet their needs.

Among their line-up, the Toyota Yaris Cross stands out as a top choice. Its sleek design, impressive fuel efficiency, and nimble driving performance make it an excellent option for those seeking an affordable, stylish, and comfortable car that’s easy to handle on the road.

It features user-friendly technology like an electronic parking brake and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity that makes life much easier. At the same time, safety is also prioritised with the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense advanced safety features, which includes Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), and Intersection Turning Assist, which work together to provide a safer driving experience.

The Yaris Cross also provides exceptional comfort for all occupants, with its multiple storage spaces, and generous 390 litre boot that can be expanded with the 40:20:40 foldable rear seat. And it delivers excellent efficiency with its hybrid drivetrain, with a fuel efficiency figure of 26.3km/L, which means that you’ll save a significant amount on fuel.

Trust us to deliver practical and reliable solutions

As much as cost is a crucial factor to consider, purchasing a car involves more than just looking at the price tag. Being your dependable road companion, the car must meet your standards for comfort, drivability, safety, and technological features. With Toyota’s range of models, you can be assured of exceeding your expectations in all aspects, making your investment worthwhile.

Toyota’s reputation for building reliable cars that require minimal maintenance also makes it an attractive choice. In uncertain economic times, and in Singapore especially, where cost of living is high and cars are expensive, choosing a car that doesn’t need to be frequently repaired and expensively maintained can go a long way towards reducing the total cost of ownership over the vehicle’s lifespan, and can prove to be an attractive choice for buyers looking to stretch their dollar.

A Toyota makes the most sense in today’s high price market thanks to its class-leading hybrid technology that delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, excellent value for money with premium features without a premium cost, stellar reputation for reliability and low maintenance, and the ability to offer everything you want in a modern car even in an affordable package. And even if you find a brand new car slightly out of reach, the same qualities can be found in Toyota’s pre-owned models, giving you even greater options at any financial price range.

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